My Story  

From my experience in the corporate world I've had a lot of exposure to good and excellent leaders.  I have been the reluctant leader and had to trust what others saw in me before I believed it for myself.  For some reason leadership always seemed to find me.  I was NEVER searching for leadership opportunities.  I was very happy being in the background and supporting my team and/or leaders but, that was not my story.

My hidden leadership attributes lead me to being a certified Project Management Professional.  I've learned over the years that everyone is a leader, even if they don't see themselves in that way.

Being compassionate and connecting with people are key elements to my leadership style.  The people connection led me be a certified Professional Coach to help other with their self-development journey.  Setting goals and establishing a plan to meet those goals is what self development is all about.  Experiencing a personal change, which will result in a shift in your energy, will surprise you and change how you show up in your life and help you feel Unlimited.

I have always had a passion for self-care so it made sense to marry my self-care passion with my coaching training and project management skills and apply that to the most important project that I will ever work on - ME!  This is when YOUnlimited was born.


I offer an energetic professional coaching concept that can help bring awareness to how you show up at the workplace and/or at home. 

I partner with leaders (that means you) to help them become more confident in their leadership role and help improve how they show up as leaders.


I didn't realize it at the time but my boss of 20+ years was my leadership coach.  I could not have been successful without her.  I hung onto her words of guidance and advice for and as a result my confidence grew in ways that I would not have thought possible.  Since then I've continued to learn from excellent leaders that I've come across in my career and look to do the same for others.

Are you curious about what coaching is and what it isn't?  Are you struggling with setting goals and sticking to them?  I had these questions - and more - when faced with how to make the leap from where I was to where I wanted to be. 


I would love the opportunity to help you identify and remove some of the blockers that are preventing you from showing up as the best person that you are. 

Contact me so that we can talk about a complimentary session to get started!

My goal is to be part of the conversations that result in you having an aha moment.

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